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The owner of Savvi Pet Accessories worked with animals professionally for 9 years, before deciding to start her own business selling quality handmade pet accessories. S.P.A. currently makes quick release collars, martinagles collars, breakaway collars, leashes, traffic handles, seatbelts, seatbelt leashes, bandanas, wristlet keychains, lanyards, and belts. Items are made in our upstate SC retail location. 

You can customize a collar with a plastic or solid metal quick release buckle. 

We also carry other items such as ice cream for dogs, ice cream for cats, novelty toys, durable toys, rope toys, all natural chews for dogs, birthday treats, cake mixes, freeze dried treats, enrichment toys, hoodies, shirts, dresses, different flavors of dog peanut butter, lick mats, and more!



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